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Primary dental care is a complex of non-specialized qualified dental care services provided according to medical standard requirements in dentistry. Our mission is to provide safe and quality dental services, based on the most advanced technologies. There are modern, approved treatment, filling, disinfection and sterilization materials used at the dental clinic.

We provide the following dental services:

  • Dental examination;
  • Dental treatment (endodontics treatment, caries treatment, sealing, root canal treatment, etc.);
  • Dental sealant procedure (for children 6-14 years old);
  • Oral hygiene (paid service).

Residents (except for children and adults, studying at full-time secondary schools, full-time vocational schools, but not older than 24, and socially supported persons, when they provide the certain certificate from their residency governmental social support department) registered at the Karoliniškių poliklinika pay only for filling materials according to their quantity and current valid pricing.

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